Solostaran Kanan, Speaker of the Sun

Leader of the Qualinesti Elves


Official title: Speaker of the Sun.

The heroes met Solostaran following their rescue from the prison wagons en route to Pax Tharkas from Solace. At a meeting amongst the elven nobility, the party learned that due to an impending attack by the encroaching DragonArmies, the elves were planning to flee their ancient homeland by ship.

Solostaran requested that the heroes, with his son Gilthanas, delay the impending attack and gain the elves some valuable time to escape by sneaking into Pax Tharkas via the long-forgotten Sla-Mori (secret way).

Following Laurana’s kidnapping by Fewmaster Toede, the heroes were requested to rescue her, as well.

Last seen organizing the elves’ escape from Qualinost.


Solostaran Kanan, Speaker of the Sun

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